18′ Slide (Delivery Only)

$394 Includes Delivery

Akron Bounce Inflatable Rentals offers two types of slides to fulfill anyone’s appetite for fun! Our 18′ dry slide is one of our most popular items for children aged 5-12.  They are perfect for keeping a large number of guests busy at busier events.  Instead of sending 5-10 people into a jumper, you can form a line for a slide that will move rather quickly.  To ensure a safe and enjoyable event, our 18′ dry slide is available for delivery only.

Slip n Slide

$199 Picked Up, Add $69 for Delivery, Set-up & Tear Down

Our Slip N Slide is our most popular rental item during the “dog days” of summer.  We all remember sliding down the original Slip ‘n Slide; you could feel the rocks, grass, and dirt beneath the thin layer of plastic!  This eventually makes riders take a timid approach.  With an inflatable Slip ‘n Slide, you can launch yourself down the slippery lane at full speed and not worry about hurting yourself.  Having trouble getting all the way down the lane?  Throw a little bit of Dawn dish soap on the slide for a more slippery ride!